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Department of Social and Public Affairs

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Department History

Department History

    The Department of Social and Public Affairs was previously named the Department of Social Science Education until the university began its transition,at that time the department was the first to shift from its teacher-education orientation and instead turned to the training of public servants.  In the 2006 academic year, the department officially began its recruitment of students which continued to the 2015 academic year (10 academic years later), and has during this time produced 272 graduates in social and public affairs.

    In 2008, the department began its Master’s Degree Program for Continuing and Extending Education/Working Professionals in Civics and Social Studies for Elementary Teachers. The master’s program trains primarily professionals in social infrastructure and public affairs education. As of 2016, the program had been offered for 8 years and had seen the graduation of 150 students.

    In 2014, the department established the Master’s Degree in Public Affairs program, which is directed at training public affairs workers for the operation, planning, and evaluation of governmental and non-profit organizations. The program also uses the opportunities offered by the Taipei City Government and public affairs practice courses to allow our students to combine theory with actual practice